Scientifically Researched Curriculum

The exclusive LeapStart curriculum is the outcome of 20 years of research by the San Diego State University. The curriculum has evolved over the years making it an organic fit for local market demands and is customized for individual school requirements.

Internationally Certified Trainers

LeapStart trainers are SPARK-certified following a rigorous two month training programme under the direct supervision of US-based SPARK master trainers.

4,000+ Activities

With an unprecedented library of over 4,000 sports activities, LeapStart is the thought leader in curricular innovation with the addition of archery, nitroball, broomball and golf to its programme.

Trainer:Student ratio

The LeapStart trainer-student ratio of 1:35 exceeds the RTE (Right to Education Act) comparable guidelines of 1:40 ensuring better programme outcomes. Other operators pale in comparison with an average trainer-student ratio of 1:60.

Personal equipment

Each student has an individualized set of equipment as part of the LeapStart programme as opposed to group sharing of equipment in other Physical Education equivalents.

Relations team

Our relations team ensures that our management personnel visit the school once every ten days to ensure high-quality operational implementation and address school, parent and student needs at an individual level.

We've got it covered

With comprehensive pan India coverage, LeapStart has impacted over 2,00,000 students

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  • 200000

Happy Clients

"The parents are very happy with the programme and they can actually see that it is doing the children good. The programme is well organized and the trainers are always well groomed and presentable. It is good to see that the children are enjoying themselves with the programme and at the same time learning."

Rev Fr Celestine Sera SJ - Principal | St. Joseph’s Boys School

“The Leap Start coaches are well trained and professional. They are mindful and ready to modify plans according to the need that emerges. They are open to feedback and help address problems effectively. It is evident that the programme coordinators/ leaders have in-depth knowledge in this field. They have a pool of resources and even more importantly, they provide a system that allows them to achieve great things with their teams.”

Shilpa Solanki - Principal / The Orchid School, Pune

"Very happy with the programme because for a school the children come first; with the LeapStart programme the children are happy, having fun and are getting the benefit of the programme all at the same time. Even the parents are impressed with the methodical approach the programme offers and the professional staff and programme"

Mrs. Chitra Sharma - Vice-Princial | DPS South

"A very good programme, an overall apt fitness programme for children. The children love the LeapStart trainer at the school and can't wait for their sessions with him.”

Mr. Chenda - Co-ordinate for Grade 1 and 2 | DPS South

"There has been humungous appreciation and tremendous response from the students to the programme devised by LeapStart"

Dr. Sadhana - co-ordinator Grade 6 and Above / Treamis World School

"The LeapStart programme is completely loved and enjoyed by the kids of Grades 1 – 5. They truly supplement a very good academic education as per the age and specified needs of each child. It can be considered a fitness and fun programme for the children”

Mrs. Divya Sharma - co-ordinator Grade 1-5 / Treamis World School

"We are so happy to watch our kids develop their multiple-intelligence as they are playing. LeapStart is doing a good job with the innovative, knowledgeable games. Wish they were here a decade ago when I was in school!"

Mrs. Jacintha J.M. - co-ordinator kindergarten / Treamis World School

"“These activities should be made compulsory for all schools, since kids feel refreshed and energized after the camp""

Mrs. Mathew Aloysius- Parent | St. Joseph’s Boys School"

"“The camp at St. Joseph’s was excellent, but it should have gone on for longer. My daughter can’t seem to get enough!”

Mrs. Valentina - Parent | St. Joseph’s Boys School"

"“The LeapStart trainers were very friendly and good with the children. My son had a wonderful time!”

Mrs. Sarita - Saldanha | St. Joseph’s Boys School"

"“Yash loves the LeapStart programme at his school and that’s the reason why I wanted him to join the other programmes of LeapStart. Please do let me know as and when you have any programmes for him”

Mr. Dilip Kumar - Parent | DPS - South"

"“She wanted to excel herself, and I think LeapStart is leaving qualities in her which are helping her in academics also.”

Mrs. Lija Antony - Parent | Grade 3 Student"

"“I’m glad that LeapStart has been introduced in my child’s school. I found a lot of difference in my daughter since she started attending LeapStart, she is gaining a lot from it.”

Mrs. Aditi Khanna - Parent | Grade 1 Student"