An Active Family Sunday


Life in the big city can be exciting; but between the travel to and from your work place; the first thing that tends to take a toll, owing to constraint of time and space is Health. Having a physically active lifestyle is critical to a having a well-conditioned body and mind.

Our work places, choked traffic and the comfortable sofa after a tiring evening give us ample opportunities to sit. Movement is something we miss out on; the Gen Z does no better with the every 10 feet fast food joint, multiple viewing screens and couch Video games.

Today’s reality is that open spaces in the city to play or work-out are at a premium. Yes, being in the city you do have access to some of the trendiest health clubs and group exercise classes; but what if simple stuff like running or walking outdoors is your favorite activity?

Within the confines of the concrete city you often find oases of Green. It is upto you to find these places and utilize them to your and your family’s benefit.

Cubbon Park in Bengaluru is one such place. With a host of activities to do in large open congestion free space. Vehicular traffic is closed on the weekends, making it a safe haven for toddlers and kids to run wild and free.

View the video to know more. Location of the park is at: Cubbon Park.

Find that green space near your home. Don’t Laze around your weekend. Get up and get going. Take your Family and have an active weekend morning !



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